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Lucchese Classics L4729.S54 Womens Purple Destroyed Goat Boots


Brand: Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Retail: $845.00
Style Number: L4729.S54
Toe: S5 Toe
Heel: 4 Heel
Color: Purple Gromwell
Material: Destroyed Goat with Mayela Raya Stitch Design
Ships: 1-2 Business Days
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UNPRECEDENTED FIT AND COMFORT...No other boots fits the human foot like a Lucchese Boot, thanks to Lucchese's original design. Although it demands more money and skill to make, Lucchese continues to use the twisted cone last design because nothing else compares to the way it makes a boot fit. Lucchese also insists on using only the finest leathers. With the exception of its hand driven lemon wood pegs, every inch of a Lucchese Boot is made of the finest leather. These near perfect skins are often more expensive, but when you slip your foot into a Lucchese Boot; you'll understand why we insist on the finest. You can't put a price on unprecedented fit and comfort.
* Well, almost any toe on almost any style. We do not have the ability to show every toe on every style of Lucchese Classics. However, on any pair of Lucchese Classics that you are ordering you may choose which toe and heel style that you like from the guide above.